Since 2001, Ronsco has been a leading manufacturer of freight and transit axles. At our AAR M-1003 certified axle finishing facility located in Hamilton Ontario, we excel at producing a broad range of standard North American (AAR) axles as well as a variety of special designs for the local and international markets.

Our capabilities include the supply of new, converted (turndown), and re-qualified axles. Quality control practices include ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, as well as strict dimensional and metallurgical controls.

Our predominant AAR freight axle types include Class D, E, F, G, & K. We also provide a broad range of locomotive and transit car axles in grade F or specialty steel grades. Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to produce axles that range from the 914 mm through to standard 1435mm gauge.

Our axle facility is centrally located to major intermodal and freight yards which allow us to efficiently deliver axles throughout North America and international markets.