Railcar Repair Services

Ronsco provides a wide range of railcar repair services from standard AAR car maintenance, to major overhaul programs, as well as specially engineered railcar conversion projects.  We currently operate in a modern facility west of Montreal (Coteau-du-lac), Quebec as well as providing mobile services in Halifax, Montreal, Valleyfield, and across the province of Quebec.

Montréal (Coteau-du-Lac), Québec :

Shop marks in Railinc:     XEX

Servicing Railroad:     CN, track Q037

Address:     Ronsco Inc., 75 Boul. Industrielle, Cedars, Qc, Canada, J0P 1B0

Certifications:      M-1003, M-1002

Our Coteau-du-lac facility is conveniently located 30 miles west of Montreal, serviced by a CN mainline, and in close proximity to both CSX and CP interchanges.  This modern facility boasts 50,000 sq-ft with 8 tracks under roof and yard capacity of 100 to 120 railcars and locomotives.  It’s fully equipped with a 35-ton overhead crane, a pit for locomotive and railcar inspections, 50-ton jacks, tank car valve test benches, NDT equipment, as well as  car cleaning capabilities (for tank and hopper cars).  We maintain QA certification for AAR M-1003 railcar repairs, and have been recently certified for M-1002 tank car and M-992 multi-level recerts.  We are an approved TTX repair shop.


Capabilities include:

  • General Purpose Tank Cars:
    • HM-201/216 requalification
    • Valve rebuilding and testing (tank car)
    • Car cleaning
    • NDT Testing (ultrasonic, mag particle, etc)
    • Interior lining touch-up
    • Insulation applications
  • All Type of Freight Cars:
    • General repairs, modifications, conversions
    • Rule 88
    • Wreck repairs
    • Aluminum weld repairs
    • Insulation applications
    • Truck overhauls and assembly
    • Rule 88
    • Railcar Cleaning (hoppers)
    • Wheel replacement
    • Air brake system maintenance
    • Interior lining touch-up (hopper car and tank car)
    • Painting (touch-ups and complete car)
    • Program work

Special Projects:

Bulkhead to Flatcar Conversion

Project involved the stripping and conversion of covered bulkhead cars to flat cars.  Work involved removal of tarps and bulkheads, installation of new wood decking, paint, as well as re-engineering of the braking system.

Bulkhead - Before

Bulkhead – Before

Flatcar - AFter

Flatcar – After


Continuous Welded Rail Train – Retrofit of Catwalk, LED Lighting System, Cabin, Generator, and Manlift

Completed in 2014, an extremely unique 29 car project to overhaul and retrofit a continuous welded rail train with a fully engineered catwalk and lighting system spanning a continuous length over 1600ft.  Intermediate and tunnel (end) cars received fixed catwalks and access ladders allowing workers to walk the entire length of the trainset from above.  The tie-down cars was modified to include a weatherproof cabin, generator, and powered manlift.  A one-of-a-kind project successfully executed at our Coteau-du-lac facility.

CWR - Intermediate Car



CWR Trainset


CWR Intermediate Cars


CWR – Intermediate Cars



For more information, please contact our customer service and sales team.