Jaxon® Uncoupling Devices

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Ronsco is honored to be a distributor of Jaxon® uncoupling devices and components.

Jaxon® has served the rail industry for over 30 years. Their expertise in engineering, manufacturing and extensive global sourcing knowledge has led to many successful endeavours and lasting partnerships.

Jaxon’s extensive line of premium uncoupling devices is unmatched. Offering telescoping, one-piece, and replacement levers; with associated brackets, hardware, and pins.

Ronsco’s team of experienced railroaders, skilled tradespeople and engineers leverage our relationship with the Jaxon® product line in favour of our clients. Bringing invaluable guidance and support to our customers.

Uncoupling Devices


AAR Group: B
Interchangeable With: 1A and 1T
Bracket: UB028
Guide: UB029

UE2 & UE3

AAR Group: A
Interchangeable With: EZ-SA, FL-4265, SA, U-54, U-56, Unirod, & WREZSA
Bracket: UBN, UBX
Filler & Cotter: UA001, GFC002

UE54 & UE56

For use on cars conforming to S-131 with standard draft gear and E style couplers.

universal uncoupling devices

Uncoupling Devices


AAR Group: C-1 (Blue)
Interchangeable With: 10420, Style 586, UTB
Bracket: UB021
Clevis: UB019


AAR Group: C-2 (Yellow)
Interchangeable With: TTEF-15W, UTY
Bracket: UB024
Clevis: UB019

telescoping uncoupling devices

Dump Levers

Hot formed hooks and eyes eliminate brittle failure in the field and reduce system slack.

Assist bar on bail assembly reduces required handle rotation for more ergonomic operation.

rotary dump levers