Railcar & Locomotive Services

Tank Cars Repair Facility

Servicing Central and Eastern Canada, our industry leading repair facility is the preferred stop for Class 1 railroads, major car owners and leasing companies. Situated southwest of Montreal on the CN mainline, the 46-acre property houses a 65,000 square foot repair center with 8 tracks under one roof, 150 car yard capacity and 1500 unique components on hand.

Led by industry veterans, our facility is complimented by a team of experienced railroaders, skilled tradespeople and engineers. Reinforced by the earned trust of our sizable repeat customer base and paired with modern systems, their capabilities form a distinguished level of service unrivaled in Canada.

Acting as a one-stop-shop for nearly all client needs, Ronsco offers design, engineering, upgrade, maintenance and repair services for tank cars, freight cars and locomotives. While also providing modern tracking, reporting and billing of ongoing service.

Our service and experience can be brought to you. For those of our clients who require location specific assistance, our mobile and dedicated onsite teams are available across Canada.


  • Certified M-1003 and M-1002 (B24, B81, B89, B90, C5, C6R, C10, C11, MG 1, RL2, RLS, RLJ, TC-128) facility.
  • Certified Level 2 NDT Technicians in BT, MT, PT, UTT and VT.
  • Certified aluminum weld repairs.
  • Extensive cleaning capabilities.
  • Heavy and rail damage repairs.
  • General maintenance, repairs, modifications and conversion for all types of Freight cars.
  • S-401 Brake shoe and hand brake force testing capabilities (Smart shoe).
AAR M-1002 AAR M-1003

Cars we specialize in

  • Tank Cars (General Purpose)
  • Pressure Differential (PD) Cars
  • Boxcars
  • Hopper Cars
  • Centerbeam Cars
  • Bulkhead Cars
  • Spine Cars
  • Autorack Cars
  • Flatcars
  • Gondola Cars
  • Coil Cars
  • Side Dump Cars

Valve Rebuild Shop

  • Providing rebuild services to third-party repair facilities and others.
  • Teardown, inspection and qualification of a wide variety of tank car service equipment.
AAR M-1002 AAR M-1003

Mobile & Dedicated Onsite

  • Staffed by our most competent and hard-working technicians.
  • Refer to the service coverage map or contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Teams stationed across Canada: Edmonton, AB | Hamilton, ON | Montreal, QC | Halifax, NS
AAR M-1002 AAR M-1003

FAQ - Railcar & Locomotive Services

General: What rate does Ronsco charge?

Ronsco’s labour rates are determined by the volume and type of work provided. Please contact us to learn more.

General: Where is Ronsco’s repair facility located?

Our main facility is located west of Montreal in Coteau-Du-Lac. Please refer to our locations and services map.

SPLC Code: 028027000
Shop Mark: XEX
Servicing Railroad: CN, Track Q37

75 Boul. Industrielle
Cedars QC
J0P 1B0

Railcar: Is Ronsco certified to perform tankcar and valve qualifications?

Yes, Ronsco is certified to perform tankcar and valve qualifications. To view our certifications click here.

Railcar: Does Ronsco offer tankcar cleaning? If so, what commodities are you capable of cleaning?

Yes, we offer thorough tankcar cleaning. Please click here to view our list of commodities.

Railcar: Is Ronsco able to flare tankcars?

No, we currently do have the capability to flare.

Railcar: Does Ronsco offer paint and blast services?

No, we do not have blast and paint capabilities.
However, we do offer major paint touch-up services.

Railcar: What is Ronsco’s standard turnaround time?

We target an average 30-day turnaround time as an industry standard. The flexibility of our services allows us to prioritize programs on an as needed basis. To discuss further please contact us.

Railcar: How do I send bad order railcars to Ronsco’s Coteau-du-Lac facility?

Please contact us and provide details of the bad order. We will review and confirm whether we can accept the work within 24 hours.

Mobile: What is the coverage area for Ronsco’s mobile repair?

Please refer to our locations and services map. to explore the coverage of our services.

Mobile: Does Ronsco offer dedicated on-site operations?

Yes, we offer on-site repair services under contract. Please contact us to discuss further.

Mobile: What rates does Ronsco charge and how are they determined?

Ronsco has a standard hourly labour rate for travel, work time and mileage charge. Per diem costs for meals and accommodations are charged extra when required. Any materials consumed are also charged as extra.