Terms Of Sale

Order Acceptance

All sales are subject to final approval by Ronsco Inc. (“Ronsco”) and to the terms and conditions hereof alone. No customer or third-party purchase order, master purchase agreement, standard terms and conditions or order shall apply to any sale by Ronsco, notwithstanding the express terms thereof. Any deviation from this rule shall be the object of a written confirmation to that effect by Ronsco evidenced by the signature of an authorized representative, no purported incorporation by reference of any terms to the terms hereof, whether by third party contract, terms and conditions or website content or otherwise to the contrary.


Applicable prices shall be those in effect at the time of Ronsco’s receipt of the customer’s order unless Ronsco has quoted the order prior to receipt thereof. Federal and provincial sales taxes shall be charged in addition, where applicable. Ronsco reserves the right to change the price of goods ordered if a customer requests, and Ronsco accepts, an amendment to an order.


For all goods not manufactured by Ronsco, the sole applicable warranty is that provided by the original product manufacturer. Ronsco, as seller, shall not be responsible for any further warranty. For goods manufactured by Ronsco, its warranty is limited to one against defects in material and workmanship. Ronsco’s warranty period varies by product, as quoted by Ronsco on a case by case basis and commences on the date of shipment. Specific warranty details are available to a customer upon request.

Written notification must be received by Ronsco within the warranty period of any defect in material or workmanship or failure of Ronsco’s goods to comply with agreed specifications. Ronsco may, in its sole and absolute discretion, either i) correct a defect or failure either by repair or replacement of product; or ii) refund the customer for the product, FOB/FCA point of origin.

Ronsco’s warranty shall not apply to any goods which have been repaired or altered in any way so as to affect their reliability, nor to products that have been subject to misuse, abuse, negligent handling or accident, improper application, use in excess of a product’s capabilities or of industry ratings or lack of periodic inspection and maintenance.

Ronsco makes and hereby specifically excludes all other warranties, including warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and quality.

Return of the Goods

A customer may return purchased goods upon receipt of a return authorization approval from Ronsco. A restocking fee will apply to all returned goods. A credit shall be issued to the customer for any approved return of goods, less restocking charges reasonably determined by Ronsco or agreed by the parties. All transport charges for returned goods are for the customer’s account. Goods are credited at their full value when their receipt by the customer is due to an error of Ronsco.

Shipping and Delivery

Prices of goods are based on FCA shipping point (Incoterms 2010) unless otherwise agreed. The customer takes possession of the goods at the time of shipment. In the absence of shipping instructions from the customer, Ronsco shall ship the goods by any reasonable means. Transport charges shall be included on the invoice on a prepaid and additional basis. Unless otherwise indicated, Ronsco shall ship the goods as soon as an order is ready. Storage charges and any other expenses may apply on any orders for which a delivery date is postponed accommodating the customer. Ronsco is not responsible for any delay of delivery, or execution of orders or contracts by it or its customer, or any damage suffered or incurred by the customer for any such delay, whether directly or indirectly attributable to Ronsco. Ronsco is not liable for losses or damages suffered or incurred during transport, compensation for which must be claimed directly from the carrier by the customer.

Standard Conditions of Payment

Unless otherwise agreed, terms of payment for customers with an approved credit line with Ronsco are net 30 days after the date of the shipment. All orders from new customers are subject to credit approval by Ronsco. Any goods purchased from Ronsco remain its property until payment in full is received from the customer.

Overdue Accounts

All overdue accounts shall bear interest at a rate of 18 % per annum.

Order Cancellations

The customer may not cancel any accepted order without the prior written consent of Ronsco.


No indemnity sought to be imposed upon Ronsco, written or otherwise, shall bind Ronsco without its prior written consent.

Contact Information

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